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This section entitled “Transparent Administration” contains all data and information envisaged under Italian Legis. Decree no. 33 of 14 March 2013 entitled “Review and reorganisation of the regulations on the Public Sector’s obligations to publicise and disclose information and behave transparently.”
The personal data published is only re-usable under the conditions set forth in the applicable legislation on the re-use of public-sector information (Community Directive 2003/98/EC and Italian Legis. Decree no. 36/2006) provided that such use takes place in keeping with the purposes for which the data was gathered and recorded and in compliance with personal-data protection laws, as envisaged in the Guidelines published by the Italian data-protection Authority on the Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy issue no. 134 of 12 June 2014.
The publication of said data relating to natural persons and legal entities residing abroad takes into account any restrictions imposed by the regulations of the Countries of residence as regards personal-data protection.