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A platform open to the representation of territorial and national innovation processes and projects. A broad cultural and business programme, including:

Open Creativity Italy to involve our creative companies, digital artisans, communicators and information designers that – together with the leading fashion, design, jewellery, cosmetics and agrifood brands – will have the opportunity to meet an international public and propose new forms of cooperation, participation and development.

For further information, consult the Italy-UAE bilateral sectors of interest.

Open Education Italy with higher education schools, technical institutes, universities and research centres to define a new education scheme capable of grasping the opportunities offered by the growing need for new education models and levels demanded for today’s creative and cultural professions; the relevant skills are less and less localised, specific and “national” and increasingly characterised by transversal abilities, multidisciplinary skills and a greater interconnection between multi-sector companies.

For further details, read the World Economic Forum report on the new skills needed in the fourth industrial revolution.

Open Culture Italy to enhance the role of the arts and culture in the resurgence of peoples, promote our cultural and creative industry but also to strengthen new partnerships in science, innovation and the promotion of our historical-artistic heritage.

For further details, read the agreement stipulated by the Italian Commissioner with Matera Capital of Culture 2019.

Open Diplomacy Italy to strengthen – through the participation in Expo 2020 Dubai – our country’s role in the Mediterranean and to foster the intercultural dialogue between Europe and the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

An intercultural hub on sciences and the quality of life, environment, landscape and sustainable tourism. Meetings with scientists and researchers, jurists, anthropologists and sociologists who are working on the forthcoming global challenges to connect people, minds and intelligences.