EXPO 2020, Glisenti: we will showcase Italian excellence

‘This Expo will be very different to the past editions. We will not be exhibitors but narrators and demonstrators of Italian beauty, excellence and expertise. The Regions will play a leading role, since Italy’s beauty, excellence and attractiveness will be conveyed through the country’s local dimension. Today we take a crucial step towards the creation of a different Expo to the ones seen before: our territories will have a major opportunity to attract tourists and investments, and promote their image’. This was the idea expressed Paolo Glisenti, the General Commissioner for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai, at the end of the meeting with the Conference of the Regions. With regard to the pavilion’s architecture, Paolo Glisenti explained: ‘The pavilion will be truly astonishing in terms of its narrative architecture, consisting of three very large hulls travelling towards the Dubai Expo. They will form the roof of the pavilion and symbolise the voyage of discovery to new worlds by the ancient explorers, which contemporary Italy continues by weaving relations and welcoming contributions from others, being a country that thrives on widespread mutual contamination. It will symbolise and convey Italian identity, which is open to and engages with the rest of the world’. (ANSA)

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