Expo 2020 Dubai partner applications open until 10th February

The large number of incoming proposals has led the Commissioner’s Office to extend the period in which companies can express an interest in assuming the role of technical partner in Italy’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai; the deadline will now be 10th February.

The interested subjects must submit their manifestations of interest by responding to the public call (by filling in the relevant participation form), the full text of which can be found on www.gareappalti.invitalia.it and http://italyexpo2020.it

The search for Technical Partners is announced by Invitalia on behalf of the Commissioner General of Section for Expo 2020 Dubai and is aimed at companies and business that intend supplying goods and services to be used in the construction and outfitting of the Italy Pavilion.

The manifestation of interest does not give rise to any tender procedure, nor does it entail any merit rankings or scores, and does not involve constraints or commitments for the participating companies.

The 10th February deadline does not apply to operators interested in becoming Event Partners, for the organisation or production of events, shows and exhibitions to be held inside or outside the pavilion, and Sponsors, to provide financial aid for Italy’s participation in the 2020 Dubai Universal Exhibition, which may continue to submit their manifestations of interest even beyond 10th February 2019.

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