The year 2018 comes to an end for the acceleration platform #FuturaItalia, the programme of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) dedicated to launching Italian schools into the future, with 23 events held in 16 regions, 64 laboratories of the future dedicated to students in hackathon style plus simulations, over 80 provincial and regional finals of the Digital School Prize and 12 international projects in 8 countries. Find out more on

It was a unique voyage of discovery for many people who chose to take in the energy of #Futura to describe today’s digital school and build together the #Futura school; a voyage of discovery touching unique places cherished by many people, in small towns and large cities, a voyage across the sea of opportunities and connections that Italian schools can generate when they choose to open up to the world and become communities; a voyage that can be relived through a video with images and the main highlights of the year:

This all constitutes a wealth of stories and experiences already on the move towards EXPO 2020 Dubai.


A community of schools that have adhered, supported or participated in one or more FUTURA ITALIA projects.

The network grows daily, weaving a web that unites the entire country to continue sharing ideas and collaborating in view of the forthcoming Dubai 2020 Universal Exhibition.


FUTURA ITALIA is an acceleration platform designed to launch Italian schools into the future.

It connects and promotes innovation, digital culture and experiential learning.

The activities of FUTURA are grouped into 5 different thematic areas linked to the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and extend their range of action and vision beyond the national borders. They are naturally connected to the main events which Italy will host during the 2019–2021 three-year period, in preparation for country’s participation in the Dubai 2020 Universal Exhibition.

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