Italy’s role within the Mediterranean at Expo Dubai 2020

The event ‘L’Italia della ricerca per la crescita blu nel Mediterraneo’ (“Italian research for blue growth within the Mediterranean”) took place on 20th December in the Marconi room at the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Organised by the CNR within the framework of initiatives for Expo 2020 Dubai, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Maeci), it was intended as an opportunity to discuss research and innovation in the marine and maritime sectors.

Speakers included Massimo Inguscio, CNR chairman, Fabrizio Nicoletti, central manager for innovation and research at Maeci, Paolo Glisenti, General Commissioner of Section for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai, and Fabio Trincardi, CNR earth and environment manager.

“Our history has always been made up of interactions and relationships with the Mediterranean. This means it is a crucially important theme for us”, Commissioner Paolo Glisenti stated when interviewed.

In a diverse Mediterranean, bordered by 22 countries from three continents, “it is science that conducts diplomacy and provides indications regardless of political considerations, allowing nations with different approaches and different requirements to work together in harmony and use the resources offered by ‘Mare Nostrum’” (‘Our Sea’ in old Roman usage). This declaration was made by CNR chairman Massimo Inguscio to ANSA alongside the presentation of the Bluemed white paper (Research and Innovation Initiative for Blue Growth and Jobs in the Mediterranean Area).




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