The latest news from Expo 2020 Dubai

Over 600 delegates participated in the 2018 Expo International Participants’ Meeting

A total of 626 delegates from all over the world participated in the International Participants’ Meeting, held on 26–27 November in Dubai. The agenda of the IPM, which every year gathers the Commissioners of the participating countries and their delegates, together with the Expo organisers, included informative sessions and discussion panels focusing on the design and policies of the national pavilions. For further details, read here: More than 600 delegates from around the world join Expo 2020 Dubai’s International Participants Meeting

190 countries have confirmed their participation in Expo 2020 Dubai

United by the theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, 190 countries have announced their participation in Expo 2020, according to the event’s organisers. On the basis of these estimates, the Dubai Exhibition will be the largest in history. For further details, read here:  With 190 countries now confirmed, the world is on its way

The economic legacy of Expo 2020

The legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai will continue to generate economic development even after the Exhibition, driving sectors such as the hospitality, tourism, aerospace, building, commerce and property sectors. For further details, read here: Expo 2020 to drive sustainable economic activity in post-event years

The EXPO Best Practices for a Better 2030 call launched

Expo 2020 Dubai has activated the Global Best Practice programme, an international call to search for solutions in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The applications must concern one of the five priority themes of the programme: resilient habitats; livelihoods and enterprise development; social development; water, food and energy security; exclusive and sustainable service delivery.

For further details, read here: Expo Global Best Practice Programme

Osaka will host Expo 2025

During the General Assembly of the BIE in Paris, the majority of the Member States elected Japan as the host country of Expo 2025,  with Osaka and the Kansai prefecture being chosen as the seat of the Exhibition, on the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”. For further details, read here: Japan elected host country of World Expo 2025.

For further details, read here: Japan elected host country of World Expo 2025

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