The national roadshow presenting the design contest for the Italy Pavilion, which will represent our country from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021 at the forthcoming Universal Exhibition, has come to an end.

A total of six meetings were held, organised by the Italian General Commissioner’s Office for Expo Dubai. After Bari, the successive legs touched Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples, to illustrate to the architects, scenographers, designers and engineers involved how to participate in the contest and present their projects, which must be received by 17 December 2018.

The contest is announced by Invitalia, the agency for development, on behalf of the Commissioner General of Section Office for Italy at Expo 2020.  All the procedures will be verified in advance, to certify the legitimacy of the deeds, by ANAC (Italian National Anti-Corruption Agency), while the technical and economic feasibility projects will be assessed by a committee possessing a high national and international standing.

The aim of the organisers is to communicate the participation procedure as broadly as possible, in order to create a highly attractive pavilion with a high degree of innovation and cutting-edge aesthetics, capable of generating a memorable visitor experience and reflecting the expertise and abilities of contemporary Italy.

The value of the notice is 2,738,000 Euro, calculated by adding the 290,000 Euro total prize granted to the top-three winners to the estimated prize, net of VAT, for the subsequent detailed planning, management of operations and security coordination during the execution phase, which can be assigned at a later stage. The total value of the contest can be increased up to 3,806,600 Euro if the value of the work to be designed increases.

All the relevant information is available on and under the section Calls for Tender and Contracts.

The Italy Pavilion will be located between the “Opportunity” and “Sustainability” thematic areas within the Expo 2020 Dubai site. Built on a 3,500 m2 area, it will be strategically located to intercept visitor flows leaving the pavilion of the United Arab Emirates (250 metres away) and heading towards North Park, a major green area and meeting point of the entire Expo Dubai exhibition area, where important public events will be held.

According to the project estimates, over 28 thousand people should visit the Italy Pavilion daily and more than 5 million over the six-month period of the event.

The fact that the pavilion will be close to the park will greatly enhance its attractiveness but also guarantee an excellent view of the pavilion itself, as there will be no structures hindering its front and side views. Moreover, the Italy Pavilion will be situated near the Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan and United States pavilions.

Besides the emotional and visual aspects, the pavilion must reflect an equally important quality: innovation. The innovative and digital elements must aim to amplify the visitor experience and interact with the surrounding architecture from a formal and structural perspective. These goals must be achieved by paying the utmost attention to the sustainability of the construction materials and systems.


BARI 8 November, 11:00
Foyer Petruzzelli Theatre, Corso Cavour 12

MILAN 12 November, 17:00Polytechnic University of Milan – Faculty of Architecture, via Ampere, 1 – Room IV

ROME 14 November, 15:00Casa del Cinema – Sala Deluxe – Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1

FLORENCE 15 November 09:30
Murate Idea Park – Piazza Madonna della Neve, 6

NAPLES 15 November, 16:00
Apple Developer Academy – Main class, at the “Federico II”
University Campus in San Giovanni a Teduccio,
Corso Nicolangelo Protopisani 70

Admission free subject to availability of seating

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